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Over the years i2 Aust. has successfully completed numerous residential property re-builds – both small and large, ranging from a few hundred dollars into the millions. 

Our professional and expert staff is second to none in what they do. Time is precious so our experts not only apply attention to detail but do it in a timely manner.

We are proud to qualify for 'Preferred Builder' status with many major insurance companies, brokers and their intermediaries. We are subject to stringent independent audits, ensuring our standards of customer service, build quality and compliance are upheld. 

We come in, clear out the damage and rebuild. We focus on putting things back your way, the way you had them. Our qualified project managers with proven records of skill and experience respond to your needs immediately, we tell you in 48 hours what we will do and then make it happen. Always closely watching every step when we rebuild your home, doing it the way you would - with care. 

We specialize in building repairs and make safes to domestic and commercial properties following insurable events such as fire, storm and flood.

Working with a highly experienced team of tradesmen, covering all trades and regions of Australia, i2 Aust. has the ability to project manage jobs of all sizes. 

We can manage a large volume of work while still catering for minor repairs

-  Minor & major building repairs to properties following insurable events such as fire, storm & flood.

-  Assessments and expert reports

-  Supply of experienced project managers to manage the repairs

-  Real time reporting

-  Complete list of qualified trades


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Building & Design

Fit outs– Redevelopments – Refurbishments  – Construction – Design

i2 Aust. and its parent companies has been successfully providing and coordinating major building works for more than 27 years.

Whether you need refurbishments of existing premises, demolition or a total fit out right down to the supplying of furnishings and fittings, all are within the i2 Aust. Building & Design department scope.

We take pride in our work and are committed to providing you with a quality guaranteed, value for money service.

At i2 Aust. we realize that a large majority of work is carried out during client occupation and we are well aware of your need to continue working during the project completion.

All projects are designed to provide the least inconvenience during the life of the project.

Our quality and efficiency are of benefit to our clients.

You can view examples of our work by viewing our completed projects

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